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Macrame Wall Hanging | Boho Wall Décor – Product of the Week

9th of May, Boho Décor – Store: Boho Knots

Today we want to talk about this Macrame artist that works with the technique of crafting a textile that uses several knots to form the basic shape and function of the piece.

Our Seller from Boho knots has beautiful and outstanding pieces such as, key rings, plant holders and many other colourful creations made using this knotting technique.

There are so many different patterns and shapes that can be made with this ancient and intricate art.

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Let’s talk about Boho Knots

How she started

We wanted to know a little bit more about Boho Knots and what made her start with Macrame.

Her hobby started while she were searching for a big Macrame leaf for her home, but as she couldn’t find what she wanted, she decided to give it a go herself and this is how the passion for this tangled art started.

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The Macrame Origins

Flower Coasters

The Macrame art could have started with the Assyrians and Babylonians history but the best guess places us in Arabia in the 13th century. The word Macrame is derived from the Arabic macramia believed to mean ‘ornamental fringe’ or ’embroidered veil’.

What kind of products does she make

She can create from dreamcatchers, bags, candle jar covers, keyrings, dolls, coasters, baskets, and anything you may think of that can be made with rope and knots.

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Materials Used on Macrame

Macrame Hangings

The most common materials used on this knotting art are jute, twine, cotton, hemp, leather and yarn that can be attached to wooden rings, drift wood and other embellishments such as wooden beads, gemstones, etc.

Macrame Uses

Cute Plant Pot Covers

The ways that Macrame can be used is extense. Macrame pieces are quite ornamental as plant holders, wall decorations, as accessories, in jewellery, and so on.

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Bye now, until our next post!

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