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Penguin Plant Pot - Product of the Week

Welcome to our first “Product of the Week” post! Every week, we will showcase and write about one product from our handmade sellers. Bringing you new products each Monday to help you find that perfect handmade piece you were looking for. 

25th of April, World Penguin Day – Store: Potty People Planters and Gifts

Today is World Penguin Day. This day aims to teach people more about penguins and their habitats, as well as raising awareness about their importance in the ecosystem and ways in which we can help protect these charming species.

Our Seller Potty People Planters and Gifts has made a beautiful Penguin Plant Pot, which can be used in many ways.


"Made from terracotta pots, primed, hand painted and Waterproof sealed. He has a threaded rod through centre for extra stability, and can be used as a standing plant pot for your home or patio. Practical and unique, pengy is such a cutie."

6 Delightful Facts About Penguins

1. The smallest type of penguin is only around 10 inches tall.

More or less the size of a standard ruler!

2. Penguins tend to be monogamous.

Penguins know best about true love!

3. Male emperor penguins incubate eggs while the female goes hunting.

How nice is it to be under daddy’s protection!

4. They can swim at speeds over 10 miles per hour.

That’s around 4 meters per second!

5. They can drink seawater.

Thanks to a supraorbital gland located above their eye that removes salt from the bloodstream!

6. Penguins don’t have teeth.

How lucky are they without dentist bills!

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2 thoughts on “Penguin Plant Pot – Product of the Week”

  1. Potty People Planters and Gifts.

    What a fantastic site this is! Not only full of talented crafters, but so informative too. Always ready to help and I am very happy to be part of this site. Well done Maria and Keana

    1. Hi, Potty People Planters and Gifts,
      We are hoping that you enjoy being our ‘Product Of The Week’
      Thank you so much for your kind words.
      It means the world to us to know that our users are happy. We are constantly working on improving this site so we can offer the service that our lovely users deserve.

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